Privacy Policy


Voca Communications AB (“Voca” or “we”) is committed to respecting and safeguarding the integrity of the information that our users (“you”) provide us with, including personal data as well as communications content, when using our products, services, subscriptions and software (collectively the “Service(s)”), or through our website (“Website”). When providing Voca with your personal data you voluntarily consent to the use and process of such data in accordance with Voca’s Privacy Policy as stated below. Acceptance of these terms is a prerequisite for using the Services. Any violation whatsoever of the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy may result in the suspension of the offending user’s access privileges.

Our Privacy Policy explains how said data is used. Please take the time to read the terms of this Privacy Policy carefully, as it will provide you with valuable information. It will clarify how your personal data may be used and help you decide whether or not to use Voca’s Services.

Please note that use of the Services requires that you are of the age of consent, or that you have the permission of a parent or legal guardian. We cannot be held liable if you provide us with wrongful or misleading information while signing up for, downloading, activating, using the Services or in any other way trying or using the Services.

Controller of personal data

Voca Communications AB, company registration number 556838-3961, is the controller of personal data. Please find our contact details below.

Why do we collect your personal data?

Collecting your personal data helps us to:

  • To provide you with the Services.
  • To create your account and confirm that your Account can be set up (such as text-messaging your validation code).
  • To communicate with you for the purpose of informing you of changes or additions to the Services or availability of additional services / features we may provide.
  • To be able to communicate with you regarding your Account.
  • To assess service levels, monitor traffic patterns and gauge the use of different service options, so that the Services may be improved.
  • To verify access rights to the Services.
  • To contact you using email, the Web or your mobile phone device with information regarding the Service, and other services that are offered in relation to the application.
  • To activate functionality in the Services in any way.
  • To enable you to purchase and download our current and future Services and software.
  • To carry out marketing activities, except when you expressly notify us that you do not wish to receive such information.
  • To enforce the Fair Usage Policy.
  • To respond to claims of any violation of our rights or those of any third parties.
  • As required by law.
  • For billing purposes and sending receipts.

What kind of information do we collect?

When you sign up for and use our Service, Voca can collect and process personal information about you. We collect and use the following categories of information:

  • Mandatory personal information provided when registering an Account (such as name, address, landline number, mobile phone number, e-mail).
  • Identification data (Account number and location data).
  • Electronic identification data (e.g. device information, application version, and platform).
  • Call quality.
  • Product deployment and purchase statistics.
  • Invite statistics.
  • Traffic data for the purpose of improving quality.
  • In the case of online payment; banking or payment information.
  • IP- cookies and browser-related information.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for the Services to work, access to your device’s phone book, or – at times – albums are needed. Access to your phone book is needed for the purpose of syncing the list contacts on your device with your list of contacts in the app and a copy of the phone numbers and names in your phone book will be stored by us. Access to your device’s albums is only needed should you wish to assign images to the apps phone book’s contacts.

What personal data may be disclosed to third parties, and why?

To fulfill our commitments and provide you with the Services we may need to cooperate with external partners and provide them with your personal data. In the case your personal data is used by third parties, this will only take place given that the third party in question complies with Voca’s binding rules and regulations – which, among other terms, include a rigid anti-spam clause. These parties will never have the right to re-use information without our specific consent. In cases where said third party complies with our strict terms, limited permission may be granted to them for the sole purpose of providing you with relevant, related content. In the case that IP or browser information is collected, we may use this information to provide relevant content and services on our website(s). In cases where we use external partners to deliver relevant content or information via, for example, e-mail or other messaging services, we only disclose that data which is relevant to that particular service. Re-use of this data by third parties is strictly forbidden. To fulfill its services some of our external partners might need to process your personal data outside the EEA-Area. All transfer of personal data to a Country outside the EEA-area will comply with applicable privacy laws.

Your personal data may also be transferred to third parties for the same purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy. Should that be the case you will be informed of the new controller of personal data.

Business transaction

In the event of a change of ownership or other business transition, such as a merger, acquisition or sale of our assets, your personal data may be transferred to a third party for the same purposes as stated in this Privacy Policy. If so, they will be transferred in accordance with applicable privacy laws and you will be informed of the new Controller of personal data.


For your benefit we use cutting-edge encryption technology to provide the highest possible security and technology to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. We may however if so required by authorities under law be required to assist in lawful intercept. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your identification, such as passwords, PIN codes and/or any personal data utilized while using the Services. We cannot assume any responsibility for the content of any personal data or other information that you receive from other users through the Services. We cannot be held liable for the contents of any personal data or other information which you may receive using the Services. We cannot guarantee, or assume any responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the personal data or other information provided by any third party. You release us from any and all liability in connection with the use of such personal data or other information of others.

The right to request information and correction

You are once per annum, upon written request and free of charge, entitled to receive an abstract of our register of your personal data. The abstract will include information about which personal data about you is being processed by us and for what purposes. You are also entitled to have incorrect, misleading and incomplete data corrected, blocked or erased.

Contact information

Please refer any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or a request of an abstract of our register of your personal data by sending an e-mail to, or by writing to Voca Communication AB, Box 3459, SE-103 69 Stockholm, Sweden.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to renew, modify or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. The amendments are effective as soon as they are published on the Website. Voca suggests that you frequently check our Privacy Policy so that you are informed of any possible changes.