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How It Works

Q.1 What is Voca?
Voca is a free app available for smartphones and tablets enabling calls and messaging at low cost and for free no matter where in the world you are or where you are calling.

Voca calls and messages are transferred via the Internet, meaning that you will need access to Wi-Fi or 3G for the service to work.

Voca-to-Voca calls and texts are free and unlimited. In your list of contacts you can easily spot other Voca users by the green Voca icon.

Voca allows you make low cost calls any mobile or landline around the world at record low rates. To do this you need to purchase Voca credits.

Q.2 What makes Voca special?
Voca has been designed and built by a team of devoted individuals with the objective to offer the best possible communication app.

Some of the features that sets Voca in a league by itself are;
- Encrypted Voca-to-Voca calls, texts and attachments.
- Better sound quality by dynamic adjustment based on network quality.
- Hand-over between mobile network and WiFi eliminating dropped calls.
- Some of the lowest call rates on the planet.
- No hidden charges or connection fees.
- Personalisation to meet you preferences and needs.
- 100% ad-free service
- No subscription or contracts.

Q.3 How do I get Voca on my device?
Voca is available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Voca can be downloaded for free via App Store and Google Play.

Q.4 Why does Voca require my Cell-Phone Number?
Voca requires an existing mobile number to validate your account and send you the activation code.

When making a Voca call your cell-phone number will appear as the Caller-ID so that your contacts recognize who's calling.

Please note that data-only SIM cards lack the functionality to receive text messages, using the number associated with your Data-only SIM card will not allow us to send you a validation code.

Q.5 Why does Voca ask permission to access to my contacts?
Voca requires access to your contacts to enable free calls between users. In addition, having all your contacts in Voca makes the service easy to use. Changes in your regular phonebook are automatically detected and updated in Voca.

Q.6 Why does Voca ask permission to access to my microphone?
Voca requires access to the microphone of your device in order for the service to work.

Q.7 Why does Voca ask me to allow push notifications?
Voca needs to send a push notification to your Voca app for you to receive incoming Voca calls and messages.

If you do not allow Voca to send you push notifications the service will not work.


Q.1 Worldwide cheap calls?
With Voca you can make calls to any mobile or landline around the world at exceptional rates.

Voca offers some of the lowest call rates and enables you to call all countries around the world. Check out our rates to your favourite destinations directly in the Voca app or at

To make low cost calls Voca credits are required. These can be purchased in the app by selecting "Credits" in the main menu or at our web-site Choose the package that suits your needs.

When making low cost call, please enter the number in an international format, as you would when using a regular phone: The plus sign, followed by the country code, then the local number. The plus (+) sign can be produced by holding in the zero on the Voca dial-pad.

Q.2 Worldwide free calls?
With Voca, you can make unlimited free calls to other Voca users worldwide.

The more people you invite to Voca, the more people you can call for free with our app.

As soon as your contacts join, you'll get a notification and a green Voca icon appear next to their name in your Voca phonebook.

Please note that Voca requires Internet connection to function and data roaming charges may be incurred if you are abroad why we suggest using Wi-Fi.

Q.3 How do I make a call?
Ensure you have an internet connection, either 3/4G or WiFi. Open Voca and select "Contacts" in the main menu. Select the contact you want to call.

If the contact is a Voca user you can make a Free call directly from the contact card. Alternately, you can make a low-cost call by selecting this option in the contact card.

You may also enter a phone number manually by selecting the dial pad in the main menu. Please ensure to enter the number in the international format when calling abroad: First, the Plus sign, then the country code followed by the local number. The plus (+) sign can be created by holding in the zero button on the Voca dial-pad for a while.

Q.4 Are all calls encrypted?
Only Voca-to-Voca calls are encrypted.

Q.5 How do I know if I have a missed call?
A red circle is displayed in the top left hand corner of the voice symbol on your desk-top if you have a missed call.

Missed calls can be viewed by selecting "Recent" in the main menu.

Q.6 How does the pricing work?
Voca call rates are the same to a specific destination regardless from where you are calling. This means that a call to e.g. an English landline is charged at the same rate regardless if the call is made from London or the North Pole.

Q.7 Will my mobile operator charge for the call?
No. When you make a Voca call your mobile operator will not charge you for the call itself as it is connected via the Internet.

However, depending on your mobile subscription or if you are roaming there may be charges for your data usage.

Messaging / Texts

Q.1 What texting functionality does Voca offer?
Voca enables you to send text messages to other Voca users free of charge. You can also send a message to a single user or to groups of users.

With a message you can easily attach pictures, videos, map locations, web-links, voice memos and contact cards.

Voca also features an auto-destruct functionality whereby you can chose if the receiver shall be able to see the message for 3, 5 or 10 seconds.

Q.2 Can I text anyone for free?
You can send unlimited text messages for free but only to other Voca users.

Q.3 What happens with a message if the receiver is not online?
Voca stores undelivered text messages for 30 days allowing for the receiver to come on line and the message to be delivered.

Q.4 Are messages encrypted?
Yes all messages and attachments are encrypted.

Voca credits

Q.1 What are Voca credits?
Voca credits is the currency with which you pay for Voca calls to any mobile or landline in the world, no matter where you are.

Q.2 How do I buy credits?
You can buy credits in the Voca app by select the "Credits" option in the main menu. Please note that purchase of credits require that "in-app purchase" is enabled in settings.

You can also purchase credits on our website

Q.3 Can I earn Voca credits?
You can earn Voca credits by inviting people that not already are Voca users to the service.

You can read more about invites in the Voca app.

The more people you invite, the more credit you earn and the more people you can call for free.

Q.4 When do my Voca Credits expire?
Purchased Voca Credits are valid for one year from date of purchase. By topping up your account with new credits will extend the validity of existing credits for with one year.

Credits earned through e.g. campaigns are valid for one month.

Q.5 Is VAT charged on my calls?
As of January 1st 2015 there is an EU directive that VAT shall be charged on call rates based on where you as a consumer reside. Users residing outside the EU are not charged any VAT.

Tips and Hints

Q.1 Should I use 3G or Wi-Fi?
When using Voca to make calls, an internet connection is required - either Wi-Fi or 3G. If using 3G, check with your 3G provider that you have a fixed data plan so that you will not be charged for extra data usage.

You can use Voca to make calls while abroad or while travelling, in these cases we recommend using Wi-Fi in order to avoid data roaming charges.

Q.2 Personalization
The Voca app has been designed for ease of use and allows you to customise color scheme and content and structure of the "Home Screen". This allows you to adjust the app to meet your needs and preferences.

Q.3 Optimising access
By placing the Voca app symbol in the main menu or first page of your smartphone desktop it will be more easily available.

Problem Solving

Q.1 I have WiFi or 3/4 G coverage but the call quality is bad.
As when using your mobile phone, geographical factors, coverage and speed of the network have an impact on call quality. A poor network or signal might cause lags.

If you are experiencing bad sound quality when calling, it’s most likely connected to problems with your internet connection.

When making a Voca call the data signal strength is displayed in the top right hand corner of the call view.
- Four green bars expect good call quality.
- Three orange bars expect average call quality.
- One or two red bars expect bad call quality.

Regardless if you are using 3G or WiFi the signal strength varies depending on distance and things that might block the signal, such as walls, buildings and so on. If the signal strength is weak, try to find a spot where it’s stronger.

Q.2 Unable to call
If you're experiencing difficulty making an outgoing call, please check the following:

Make sure that your device is connected to a WiFi or 3G network when you’re making a call

If you are calling another Voca user, check with them to see if they're connected to a WiFi or 3G network and that they are also logged in to Voca

If you are calling a non-Voca user, please check your balance to make sure that you have credits.

If you have verified all the above and you still can’t make the call, please contact us and include the following information:
- Your number
- The number you are trying to call​
- Which device are you using?
- Are you connected to a 3G or to a WiFi network?
- Are you calling a Voca or a non-Voca number?
- The exact time of the attempted call

Q.3 Unable to receive calls
In order to receive notifications of incoming calls and messages, first, please check to see that you have a working 3G or WiFi connection since an internet connection is required when using Voca.

If you have Voca on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you will need to enable Voca push notifications in order to receive notifications of incoming calls and messages.

Q.4 Unable to view Balance
If you can not see your balance, please try closing the Voca application and then restarting it to refresh your statement.

Q.5 There is no ring signal for incoming Voca calls.
Check if the phone is muted.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad you will not get a ring signal if you have a headset connected. This is an Apple limitation.

Contact Support

Q.1 How do I contact Voca customer support
Just send an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you.